Oonbitc launches theme crypto baskets for SIP investors

Oonbitc Cryptocurrency Exchange has announced the launch of two smart investment features for the benefit of all crypto investors and enthusiasts. Among the two new features, first is crypto baskets, an expert-curated thematic investment feature, which augments an investor’s portfolio in the long run, curated by experts and research analysts, the company said. Themes such as DeFi, Metaverse, gaming, and meme coins are already popular among Indian investors, it said, adding that Baskets are specifically designed to meet this demand. The other one is a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) feature to automate and schedule regular purchases of popular crypto assets, where investors can start crypto investing with as low as Rs 100. According to the company, the new launches are designed to help investors expand their crypto portfolio with smarter and safer investment options. Experts believe that the SIP is a method of beating volatility in riskier asset classes. Investors can buy and sell crypto assets on Oonbitc in eight languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Bengali. Both the products are currently available on Oonbitc’ mobile apps and website.